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Mosaic for Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs)


Mosaic provides unparalleled visibility into physician-level performance metrics across provider types, so you can evaluate risk before you take it on, optimize relationships, and thrive in today’s value-based care landscape.

Take a look for yourself in this Mosaic Trailer!

Build a network of top-performing partners.


Whether you’re a new, standard or MCO-based DCE, you’ve got a lot riding on every partner you add to your network. Our breakthrough technology and support help you:

Optimize Your Network

Pinpoint the PCPs most likely to help you reach your benchmarks and reduce the risk you’ve modeled.

Identify Physicians Who Outperform Their Peers

Know which physicians excel at treating High-Risk Populations and lowering total cost of care

Manage Relationships and Performance



Automatically assess and reassess the performance of your expanding network

Share the Wisdom— and the Wealth

Reduce total cost of care while improving patient outcomes

Let us show you how we can help your business grow


We’d love to tell you more about how Mosaic’s market-wide insights can strengthen your organization.

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