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About Trella Health

The vision, passion, and expertise to improve post-acute care


We’re passionate about turning raw data into actionable insights that make a meaningful difference for your business — and the patients who need you.


All too often patients fail to get the ongoing critical care they need once they leave their physician’s clinic or are discharged from a medical facility. This can adversely affect recovery and result in higher readmission rates, making post-acute care a key driver of avoidable healthcare costs.


By empowering post-acute care providers and their referral sources to work together across the care continuum, we’re paving the way for healthier, more cost-effective outcomes. There’s lots of data out there — we help you put it to the best use possible.

The right post-acute care can lower total cost by 79%



Our History


In 2015, Ian Juliano founded Trella Health (formerly known as Excel Health) to address the
highly variable performance and inefficient patient routing he witnessed in the post-acute space. Physicians and facilities didn’t seem to have insight into which post-acute providers offered their patients the best outcomes. Conversely, home health agencies and hospices didn’t have a way to objectively demonstrate to potential referral sources the value they provided.


Ian quickly assembled a team of people who shared his mission of increasing transparency in healthcare using data — data he had no idea would be so daunting to acquire. Upon finding out the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) was planning to make Medicare claims data available to select entrepreneurs and researchers, Ian and the team immediately started the application process. Six months later, after submitting a detailed 50-page document and undergoing rigorous ethics training, Trella earned “Innovator” status and was able to access CMS’s Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC).


A lot has changed since the early days of working all night to launch a hospice beta product and making bets on who would fall asleep first. What hasn’t changed is Ian and the Trella team’s passion for transforming post-acute care business development and empowering healthier outcomes. Today our Market Intelligence Solutions help home health, hospice, and skilled nursing organizations across the nation provide patient care when and where it’s needed most.


Trella Health Impact

Find out what sets Trella apart from the competition.

Don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say:

“I love working with the Trella Health team. The level of customer service is unparalleled, and the documentation is exceptional, particularly coming from the data side.”


 — Amanda Robison, Vice President of Data and Analytics, Encompass Home Health and Hospice

“With Trella Health we found referral sources we should approach, and just as importantly we determined where we should not spend our time. This knowledge guides our liaisons in terms of effective time management and is aiding our decisions for future growth.”


 — Norma English, Chief Executive Officer, Hospice Partners of America 

“With Trella Health we’re able to come to a meeting equipped with data that has been able to help us focus on conversations with our partners. Trella answered a lot of the needs that we had, and it’s been a great relationship.”


— James C. Summerfelt, CEO and President, VNA of Nebraska


Let us show you how we can help your business grow


Trella Health can help you improve sales productivity, identify new referral sources, and benchmark your performance. Want to know how?