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Our market intelligence, CRM, and EMR referral management solutions provide you with complete visibility into growth and performance. When you eliminate blind spots, you can advance your organization with certainty to achieve smarter growth and healthier outcomes.


Healthcare data analytics are as crucial to the realm of modern healthcare as medical school. If we can’t use the right healthcare software solutions, then there’s no way we can treat our precious patients with the kind of care that they deserve. And our patients do deserve the very best we can offer. Healthcare analytics solutions are the answer because they allow us to better connect diagnosis and treatment to the right clinicians at the right time at the right price. This is what healthcare data analytics are all about, and they’re what Trella Health excels at.


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Home Health

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Connect with the physicians most likely to refer patients for home health.




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Demonstrate how your organization improves end-of-life experiences without adding unnecessary costs.



Skilled Nursing

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Gain visibility into referral patterns and competitive insights that help articulate your unique value.




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Grow your referral sources, identify new lines of therapy, and monitor existing customers.




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Identify and target the top referrals by physician and facility that order products specific to your company.



Trella Health Solutions:
Providing the visibility and insights you need to grow

If you don’t have access to physician office claims, you’re missing 75% of the picture.

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Our breakthrough software solutions provide the most recent and complete picture of post-acute care activity in your service area so you can identify your best referral partners, define your unique value proposition, and market your organization more effectively.


As a customer, you’ll have access to unparalleled insights based on Medicare Part B claims data, allowing you to reach the physicians associated with 75% of Medicare claims.

Don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say:

“I love working with the Trella Health team. The level of customer service is unparalleled, and the documentation is exceptional, particularly coming from the data side.”


 — Amanda Robison, Vice President of Data and Analytics, Encompass Home Health and Hospice

“With Trella Health we found referral sources we should approach, and just as importantly we determined where we should not spend our time. This knowledge guides our liaisons in terms of effective time management and is aiding our decisions for future growth.”


 — Norma English, Chief Executive Officer, Hospice Partners of America 

“With Trella Health we’re able to come to a meeting equipped with data that has been able to help us focus on conversations with our partners. Trella answered a lot of the needs that we had, and it’s been a great relationship.”


— James C. Summerfelt, CEO and President, VNA of Nebraska

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Skilled care software solutions are available, and they will help you succeed in healthcare data analytics, but first you must take the step to implement these healthcare software solutions. We know from experience–both the experience of our medical staff and our patients–that when we meld marketing data solutions into healthcare we provide better outcomes for sustainable, healthy living.

Trella Health offers healthcare software solutions that serve, care for, and ultimately save the lives of patients.

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Trella Health can help you improve sales productivity, identify new referral sources, and benchmark your performance. Want to know how?