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Home Health Analytics and CRM

Marketscape and CRM for Home Health

One provider for all your market intelligence, CRM and EMR referral management needs. There are patients who desperately need your home health services — yet many physicians who could be referring them aren’t. That’s likely because your sales and marketing teams aren’t seeing the 75% of Medicare claims associated with office visits.

Computer with Trella Health's Home Health Care marketing analytics suite

Demonstrate your ability to lower costs and improve patient outcomes. Home Health Agency A can quickly demonstrate how it outperforms Home Health Agency B on hospitalization and readmission rates.

Take a look for yourself in this Marketscape trailer!

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Introducing Sales Spotlight for Post-Acute

Today’s post-acute sales and marketing teams need easier access to better, more compelling data. Equip your team with customized performance and competitive talk tracks for use with referral partners.

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Accelerate business growth

Marketscape for Home Health helps you redefine your sales and marketing strategy to ensure you’re focusing on high-potential physician and facility referral sources. Our breakthrough technology and support help you:

Benchmark your performance

Quickly evaluate how you compare to your peers by hospital and readmission rates, diagnostic category, acuity level, time to start of care, total cost of care, and many other quality metrics.

Develop new sources of referrals

Our easy-to-use software and exclusive office visit claims data make it easy to see which physicians in your area are referring the most patients — or are underutilizing home health — and demonstrate how you’ve helped peer physicians lower the total cost of care and improve patient outcomes.

Increase patient adherence

Give referral sources the data and tools they need to educate patients about the importance of following through on recommended home healthcare.

Communicate your value

Create unique data-driven value propositions that showcase how your organization can help specific referral sources meet their quality, performance, and cost-saving goals.

With Marketscape for Home Health, you can be confident your sales and marketing teams are focusing their time and efforts on building the relationships that will have the greatest impact.

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Trella Health Impact

Find out what sets Trella apart from the competition.

Don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say:

“Trella Health is the only vendor to provide access to 100% of both Medicare Part A and B claims data, which gives us a level of visibility into both our hospital and physician referral activity that we’ve never had before.”

 — Michael Brents, Divisional Director of Clinical Analytics and Informatics, CHI Health at Home

“In a PDGM world, I see Trella Health as being the driving force of working smarter, not harder at identifying referral sources who have institutional business that focuses on optimizing the admission source and diagnosis.”

 — Janet Laswell, Regional Sales Director, Elevate Home Health, CA

“Our team loves Marketscape. It’s so easy to use. Trella Health does a fantastic job at making the data easy to interpret so that we can bring value to our team and our partners.”

— Missy Morse, Software Sales Trainer, Elara Caring

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