Trey Davis, VP, Finance


“Accounting is not just about numbers; it’s about deciphering the financial story that shapes industries. Working in healthcare, my role isn’t just about balancing the books, but about contributing to a sector that directly impacts people’s well-being. It’s the perfect blend of my financial expertise and my passion for making a difference.”

Trey Davis, VP, Finance

With over 14 years of diverse accounting experience spanning healthcare IT, technology, and marketing, Trey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Trella Health – where he embraces the company’s dynamic and collaborative approach to healthcare technology.


Prior to joining Trella, Trey spent three years in the world of public accounting before transitioning into the corporate realm. His unique blend of financial acumen and industry-specific insight positions him as an asset in Trella’s journey to transform healthcare through data-driven innovation.


A native of Georgia, Trey earned his accounting degree from the University of Georgia.


Outside of work, Trey is a passionate fan of the UGA Bulldogs, enjoys golfing, loves wakeboarding, and treasures quality time with his family.