Excel Health Announces Rebrand to Trella Health


AUGUST 22, 2019
The new brand reflects the company’s continuing investment in bringing meaningful change to healthcare.


ATLANTA, GA –Excel Health, a leading provider of data-driven marketing insights for post-acute care providers, is now Trella Health. The company’s comprehensive rebrand reflects its continued leadership in an industry that until recently, has had few solutions for enabling business growth.

“We felt it was the right time to move away from the name ‘Excel,’ which is widely connected to spreadsheets and reporting,” said Trella CEO Ian Juliano. “While we do provide access to the industry’s most recent and complete set of Medicare claims data, our solutions go well beyond raw numbers. Our workflows and insights empower customers to transform their marketing and sales efforts, grow their care networks, and serve more patients while optimizing costs.”

Jessica Chew, the company’s vice president of marketing, said the new identity speaks to the passion Trella leaders feel for bringing meaningful change to healthcare. “The post-acute care segment continues to be a key driver of avoidable healthcare costs, partially because care providers have difficulty identifying and connecting to the right referring physicians for their businesses. Trella Health changed that when, in 2015 [as Excel Health Group], we launched our first solutions for hospice agencies.

“Today, we continue to redefine the way providers engage with their referral sources. In April, we added a solution for skilled nursing facilities, and later this year we’ll be launching exciting updates for our home health and hospice lines of business.” said Chew. “Our new logo represents this energy, expansion, and connectivity. The name Trella comes from the idea of a trellis: a strong, reliable support system that promotes growth.”

“By enabling post-acute care providers to identify and engage with the best referral sources, we’re hoping to strengthen the entire segment while igniting a new era of results-driven innovation,” added Juliano. “That’s good not only for our customers, but for patients and our healthcare system overall, because it positions us to enable more optimal care networks.”

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About Trella Health (Formerly Excel Health)

Trella Health provides post-acute business development leaders with the most complete picture of care activity in their service areas so they can explore new opportunities for growth. As one of only a few companies in the country deemed an Innovator under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Virtual Research Data Center Program, Trella has access to 100% of Medicare Part A and Part B claims data. Trella analyzes 1.2 billion claims annually and presents relevant insights to nearly 10,000 users so they can build higher-performing care networks, serve more patients, and reduce the cost of care.

Ashton Harrison

With a diverse background of sales and healthcare marketing, Ashton manages Trella’s events, press releases, and media and association relations. After graduating from Florida State University with a major in communications, she began her career at Greenway Health, a EHR company, where she found her passion for the healthcare industry. At Trella Health, she’s able to do all the things she loves about marketing — engaging at events, interactions with partners, and creating marketing pieces that share insight on Trella’s journey.