Trella Health Announces the Inaugural Release of Medicare Advantage Data, Enabling Customers to Drive Smarter Growth


November 2, 2020

ATLANTA, GA– Trella Health, the leading source of post-acute outcomes data and provider performance analytics, announced the initial release of Medicare Advantage data to their solutions. The inclusion of Medicare Advantage (MA) data offers Trella customers additional insights to grow their businesses more effectively.

“With more than 40% of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in an MA plan, adding this data set to our core suite of products gives customers a more holistic view of their markets,” stated Michael Neuman, MPH, Director of Data Science at Trella Health. “As the burden of risk continues to shift from fee-for-service to private payers, greater transparency into MA enrollment trends and volumes is crucial for post-acute providers.”

On average, MA enrollment increased 7.2% year-over-year between 2015 and 2019. With MA penetration showing no sign of slowing down, Trella recognizes how valuable it is for post-acute agencies to understand the patient and payer mixes in their markets.

Michelle Newton, COO of Heart to Heart Hospice stated, “We’re grateful to Trella for being responsive to its customers wishes and needs. Our team is looking forward to this additional data offering and feel the Medicare Advantage data will provide us a more complete view of our market as enrollment continues to grow.”

Trella customers received the first release of MA data, at no additional cost, last week, which included enrollment trends by quarter and breakdowns of MA plans and volumes. For post-acute business leaders, these insights will better support macro-level investment decisions and strategic planning. Along with the new payer source, Trella also released Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) data for inpatient hospital stays. The ability to see key metrics, such as average length of stay and readmission rate broken out by DRG, allows post-acute providers, particularly skilled nursing facilities, to better understand a given patient population and where there may be areas to partner with existing or new hospital referral sources.

With a focus on supporting customer growth in an ever-changing payment landscape, Trella continuously evaluates the most impactful expansions to its data offerings.

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Trella Health is the leading provider of actionable insights for healthcare networks, ACOs, and the post-acute care market. We believe that to achieve smarter growth in today’s value-based care economy, who you choose to work with is everything—whether it’s your referral sources or your network partners. As one of only a few companies in the country deemed an Innovator under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Virtual Research Data Center Program, Trella has access to 100% of Medicare Part A and Part B claims and Medicare Advantage data. We analyze and standardize billions of data points from across the continuum of care, and provide the insights our customers need to identify, engage, and manage the best partnerships for their business.

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