Webinar: Maintaining Business Development Efforts During COVID-19 - Healthcare Analytics & Data Companies
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Maintaining Business Development Efforts During COVID-19

On this webinar, hosted by Andy Powell, Trella’s VP of Customer Success, we provide post-acute business development leaders advice and insights on ways to continue business development efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Various members of the Trella team share their expertise, along with what we’re hearing from industry leaders, on planning sales strategies, tailoring marketing messaging, and utilizing potential down time for training. Also featured on this webinar is guest speaker Stan Massey, Chief Branding Officer for Transcend Strategy Group, who shares marketing and branding tips. 

Andy Powell

VP, Customer Success

Trella Health

Ian Juliano


Trella Health

Stan Massey

Chief Branding Officer

Transcend Strategy Group

Jess Chew

VP, Marketing

Trella Health

Teresa Buglione

Director of Services

Trella Health

Whitney Jackson

Director, Sales & Enablement

Trella Health

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