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Befitting You Medical Supply: Targeting High-Value Referral Sources with Efficiency

How Befitting You Medical Supply utilizes Trella’s market data and CRM to strategically grow their business

By Katherine Englund | May 30, 2023

Befitting You Medical Supply is a family owned and operated home medical equipment company with multiple locations across Michigan.


They specialize in Orthotic & Prosthetics, Orthopedic Bracing, Women’s Cancer Care, Maternity Care, as well as Durable Medical Supplies and Services – all with the goal of providing these quality medical necessities to their clients in a safe and caring environment. To help create efficiencies on their team and identify high-value referral sources, Befitting You Medical Supply continues to use Trella Health’s Marketscape Insights and CRM with EHR integration as a part of their daily operations.


The Trella team spoke with Greg Newman, President & CEO of Befitting You Medical Supply, to learn more about how he and his team use the Trella solutions, and how the market visibility equips them with insights to approach potential referral sources with confidence, and strategically grow their business.


What drove Befitting You Medical Supply to purchase Trella Health’s CRM and market data platform?

“We have had the Trella Health platform for a few years now and we originally moved forward with it to help us have a better look into the market. It was nice to have a platform that really laid out the referral sources for us. With the market insights, we can look under the hood of certain product categories and try to be more strategic in our marketing efforts vs. going in without much background knowledge and not knowing what or who the physician is using. It allows us to be more strategic when we go into the market. In terms of the CRM, right at the beginning we were told that we could integrate with our EHR, which has been great.”


How do you use Trella’s market data in your day to day?

“When using the data platform, we try to look at physicians that maybe don’t have a go-to company that they consistently write scripts to – maybe 30% to one group and 30% to another, etc., for us to then go in and present our offerings. We also use the platform to see, for example, which physicians are sending 90% of their business to another organization. In this case, you’re looking at a relationship that won’t be just a quick in-service win. We also wouldn’t go in there asking for all of their business but would approach them with the products and services that their preferred vendor can’t provide.


For me, I like to use these insights prior to going into a sales meeting so we aren’t going into the meeting blind without having any background. With the Trella insights, we can see who they’re using, and answer the question of are they billing themselves or are they scripting it out? It gives you insights at your fingertips where before you would have to actively go out asking these questions. This helps us not only for target marketing, but also on the inservicing, so we feel prepared and knowledgeable on the physician and their practice. The data insights also allow some of our cold calling efforts to be more fine-tuned by giving my reps a lay of the land of what that physician is using, which has been helpful.


Finally, it helps validate things that you hear out in the market that you hadn’t heard previously. If you have Trella, you can go in and validate them.”


How has utilizing Trella Health’s CRM helped with your sales team’s efficiency?

“I have been proactive in having our sales team go into Trella’s CRM each day. Because Trella’s CRM integrates with our EHR, we can see all the orders that come in from particular doctors each day. My reps can go in and see what type of activity they’re getting from a certain doctor and see some orders that they’ve written for. This gives them the chance to reflect back on this information before they go into a sales call or meeting. This is really beneficial for us.”


What advice would you give to somebody considering purchasing Trella’s Marketscape Insights and CRM solutions?

“Use the solution as true market data. You should go into the product consistently because it does change as its updated with new data. If you’re a company that is looking to grow, it’s a valuable tool. You can spend so much time and sales rep resources, inservice resources, and just spinning your wheels, but with Trella you’re able to see your top referral targets. I’d rather have 3 or 4 really good targets that my sales reps can go after each month vs. just blindly going after 20.


Use it consistently and make sure your sales reps are going in and putting their data into the CRM. If my sales reps are keeping track of their activities and contacts, and a rep does decide to move on, I can pick up where that rep left off or the next rep can pick up where they left off easily.


Overall, you just need to utilize the tool, it might sound obvious, but it’s valuable and you need to be in the tool consistently to help get the insights your company needs to grow. “


Trella is thrilled to have Befitting You Medical Supply as a trusted and valued partner who supports our mission towards smarter growth and healthier outcomes.


To learn more about Befitting You Medical Supply, visit their website here.

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About the Author:

Katherine Englund, Product Marketing Manager

With a background in medical device and healthcare marketing, Katherine is passionate about supporting innovative product releases, driving product adoption, and creating impactful content as a Product Marketing Manager at Trella Health. After graduating from Quinnipiac University with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Marketing and her MBA, Katherine began her career in medical device marketing and moved into patient care team marketing prior to joining Trella. At Trella Health, Katherine continues her passion of working in the healthcare industry, aligning with Trella’s mission of achieving smarter growth and healthier patient outcomes.