Biggest Opportunity for ACOs: Post-Acute Care Network Optimization

By Kirsten Reed | June 4, 2021

Minimize Cost and Improve Outcomes with Better Post-Acute Partnerships

Are you missing a great opportunity for your ACO? To be successful in new CMS reimbursement models, ACOs must reduce per member per year (PMPY) cost while improving outcomes. To do that, you need to look beyond the acute setting. Why? Post-acute care accounts for nearly three quarters of total cost variance in Medicare spending in the U.S.

Referring patients to the wrong skilled nursing facility or home health agency could dramatically increase healthcare costs and readmission rates. To avoid these challenges, ACOs need a better view of their PAC partners’ performance, based on metrics like patient acuity and diagnosis.



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  • Reducing healthcare costs with risk-adjusted data
  • Aligning internal metrics with key reimbursement models
  • Making informed, data-driven decisions about PAC partnerships



“As a Medicare ACO, it’s critical for us to collaborate with the highest value specialists who will deliver quality patient care and enable us to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. Marketscape Strategy enables us to take a data-driven approach to optimize our network, unlocking insights that directly impact our clinical and financial performance.”


Get a glimpse of real-world examples of the impact an optimized PAC network can have for your ACO. With visibility into risk-adjusted data, organizations have saved as much as $15,000+ per patient over a three-month stay, and one case saved an ACO $1.1M per year – simply by accessing the data needed to make better referral decisions.


About the Author:

Kirsten Reed, Director of Product Marketing

Kirsten is a product marketer who works to surface insights using qualitative and quantitative information. She often refers to her job as a markeologist, part marketer and part archaeologist. Kirsten studied political science at the University of Oregon before beginning her career as a consultant for military intelligence and security clients, where she focused on enabling clients through strategic planning and organizational improvement projects. After receiving her MBA from Emory’s Goizueta Business School, Kirsten transitioned to product marketing. She previously worked in the FinTech space before joining the Trella team. At Trella, Kirsten enjoys the range of activities her role entails, from crafting Go-to-Market messaging to understanding and communicating the nuances of our metrics.