DCE Network Building: Primary Care Physician Scorecard

By Mimi Freleaux | April 21, 2021

For anyone exploring their options for creating a value-based care organization like a MSSP Accountable Care Organization (ACO) or Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model, there are many moving pieces to plan for and evaluate. But many groups are hesitant to seriously consider forming a risk-sharing entity, given the changes the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has recently made and the uncertainty surrounding the program. Regardless of the future of value-based care, one thing is for certain: in order to succeed, you have to have a strong primary care physician network (PCP).

But which metrics should you use to decide if a PCP will help or hurt your ACO or GPDC’s ability to reach your benchmark goals? Download our Primary Care Physician Scorecard template for a simple, straightforward way to track and identify the most important PCP performance metrics. Quickly assess the PCPs in your target location by comparing performance on metrics like:

  • DCE-Attributed Lives
  • Per Member Per Year (PMPY) Average Spend
  • Hierarchal Conditional Category (HCC) Patient Risk Score
  • Preventative Care Claims
  • Current and Historical MSSP ACO Participation

Click the image above to download your complimentary copy of the scorecard template. For a more robust, automated way to predict risk and build out potential PCP rosters before you take on the risk, try Marketscape Strategy from Trella Health. Marketscape Strategy provides market-wide visibility into consistent, standardized quality and cost metrics across provider types to help healthcare organizations build high-performing partnerships—with confidence.

Request your demo of Marketscape Strategy from Trella Health today to learn how you can build the best risk-sharing roster to help you reach your goals.


About the Author:

Mimi Freleaux, Solution Engineer

With over a decade of healthcare experience, Mimi’s passion is solving complex business strategy needs of her clients and helping transform organizations to value based care. Healthcare is deep-rooted in her blood as her great-grandmother founded Gwinnett Medical Center in Georgia (now apart of Northside Health System). Mimi’s healthcare journey started during her collegiate days at the University of Georgia, where she studied business and economics and served as an intern under the COO of the health system. Now living in Southern California, a pioneer region for value-based care, Mimi has a unique understanding of challenges facing the healthcare industry and keeping her finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s innovations.