Create a Successful Playbook for Growth in Post-acute Care

By Jess Chew | December 14, 2022

Selling post-acute services today requires high-quality interactions with referral sources that demand solutions proven to address their needs – and driving consistent referrals requires sales reps to navigate those interactions with ease.

How does your organization support your sales team through the sales process? What proven strategies, or “plays” do you teach your sales reps? How do you quickly ramp new hires, and inform the sales team of changes?

Do you have a Sales Playbook that addresses all of these questions? Are you following the correct steps to success?  In this on-demand, free webinar we discuss best practices for building a Sales Playbook that will drive consistent, reliable results.

We discuss:

  • The benefits of running an effective “Sales Playbook”
  • Key components and best practices
  • Where to start in building your Playbook
  • How to know when you’re done

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About the Author:

Jess Chew, Vice President, Marketing

With more than 10 years’ experience in healthcare marketing, Jessica not only leads our marketing team but is also a passionate advocate and frequent user of our marketing intelligence solutions. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s in journalism, Jessica got her start in marketing at Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in America. She thought this entry-level job was the first step on the road to a career as an investigative reporter — but immediately became hooked on marketing. At Trella Health, she’s able to do all the things she loved about journalism — digging for information and insights, helping people share their stories — and she’s also able to make a meaningful difference in the way post-acute care is provided.