Insights and Predictions for the Home Health Industry

By Trella Health | April 1, 2022

Knowledge is power – and it should be the backbone of any strategic business decisions you make for your organization. Continuous changes in the post-acute industry make it difficult to keep up with the latest insights and trends.


As the leader in post-acute analytics, Trella Health strives to deliver the most impactful and accurate findings to the industry so that you can make informed decisions that will improve the state of healthcare and patient outcomes. We’ve paired up with Home Care Pulse, a leading provider of experience management, training, and reputation management for this webinar to dive deep into emerging market trends and predictions, including:

  • Admissions, Utilization, & Adherence
  • Staffing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Medicare Advantage


Check out the recording to hear from our panel of experts and on what they’ve learned from our data analysis of 2021 and what we anticipate will happen in the coming months.



Ellen Knowles, Product Marketing Manager, Trella Health



Mike Neuman, VP Data Science & Engineering, Trella Health

Todd Austin, President, Home Care Pulse

Trella Health


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