Operational Success and Smarter Growth for Today’s Skilled Nursing Landscape

By Trella Health | January 31, 2022

For skilled nursing organizations, growth equates to efficiency, prioritization, and smarter targeting for referring hospitals and physicians. Understanding where your sales and marketing team needs to focus their time and attention starts by identifying the patients that best align with your care offerings, and the referral partners working with that type of patient.   


On this webinar for the Skilled Nursing Referral and Reputation Summit, Trella Health discussed the most effective and efficient targeting strategies, from diagnostic categories to specialty programs, to improve your referral relationships. We also discussed how to create a compelling message, including your agency’s top performance metrics that reflect how you stand out from other competitors in your market. 


We shared success stories from skilled nursing customers who have used these strategies to improve the operational strategies of their business and provide actionable items for your marketing and sales team to be successful in 2022. 

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