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Integra Expands Group Purchasing Organization Portfolio to Include Trella Health

By Lauren Corcoran | September 27, 2023

Atlanta, September 27, 2023Integra Partners announced the addition of Trella Health, a leading source of healthcare growth insights and performance analytics data, as a partner to their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

“The focus of Integra’s GPO is to encourage business growth for participating DMEPOS Providers, by increasing access to high-quality referral sources and actionable market data at a special Integra discount,” said Michael Dorrie, VP of Network Expansion and Partnerships. He continued, “This offering, and others to come, are all designed to increase the value we bring to our Providers.”

Integra’s GPO program makes various products and services available to Integra Providers at discounted rates compared to those available if the products and services were purchased independently.

“We recognize the numerous market forces that are putting downward pressure on providers’ margins. Integra’s GPO program was created to help combat these pressures. In the two years since its inception, we’re pleased to see the impact it has had in enabling our partners to continue providing excellent care in the communities we serve,” said Dominic Paniccia, CEO of Integra Partners.

For HME organizations that want smarter growth and healthier outcomes, Trella Health provides actionable market insights paired with an industry-specific CRM to help providers achieve their business goals.

“Our partnership with Integra Partners marks an exciting collaboration dedicated to fueling business growth for HME suppliers. With Trella Health’s market data insights and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform empowering growth opportunities, and Integra’s expertise in streamlining operations within a single payer system, we are spearheading innovation to help suppliers unlock their untapped potential,” said Scott Tapp, CEO of Trella Health.

For Integra Providers interested in exploring Trella Health’s market insights and CRM solutions, they can complete the Participation Request Form here.

About Integra Partners

Since its founding in 2005, Integra Partners has been recognized as a thought leader on durable medical equipment and prosthetic and orthotic services. With headquarters in New York City and a second location in Michigan, Integra Partners has an unparalleled nationwide network. With 60 Payer Lines of Business, Integra Partners’ DMEPOS solutions extend to over 20 million covered lives across Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, ACOs, at-risk medical groups, and self-insured lines of business. Integra Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of Point32Health.

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About Trella Health

Trella Health’s unmatched market intelligence and purpose-built CRM allow post-acute providers and suppliers to drive more effective performance and growth. Trella’s solutions allow post-acute, HME, and infusion organizations to identify the highest-potential referral targets, evaluate new market opportunities, and monitor performance metrics. Paired with CRM and EHR integrations, business development teams can better manage referral relationships to advance their organizations with certainty by improving their sales and marketing strategy.

For more information on Trella Health and its HME growth solutions, visit, call 678-813-1590, or follow Trella on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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About the Author:

Lauren Corcoran, Marketing Content Writer

As a marketer and creative writer, Lauren is thrilled to create Trella Health’s marketing content. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Lauren worked as a content specialist for a cybersecurity firm, video production company, and has experience in sales. With the ongoing pandemic, she decided to take a leap and work in post-acute care at KanTime Healthcare, an EHR. At Trella Health, she’s able to do the two things she loves most: marketing and writing, while making an impact in the post-acute care industry.