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Trella Health Announces Investment in New Data Enhancements for HME and Infusion Organizations – Increasing Claims Volume by 2x

This Investment Increases the Number of Patient Lives Covered to 255M+ Annually.

By Lauren Corcoran | September 19, 2023

ATLANTA, September 19, 2023 – Trella Health, the leading provider of market intelligence and integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to the post-acute care industry, announces an investment in expanding its unmatched dataset – the foundation of all its products and services. The enhanced data will provide medical equipment and infusion customers with even deeper visibility into their markets through advanced metrics and analytics.

“We’re acting on what our customers have been telling us. While Trella provides a unique and valuable view into HME and Infusion referral patterns, we needed more data for customers to make our insights more actionable for them. I’m happy to say Trella has just made a large investment in acquiring access to one of the largest medical and RX claims data sets available anywhere, and we are incorporating that into our database and product,” stated Pierre Menard, Chief Technology Officer at Trella Health.

He continued, “Our investment in new data will also help our post-acute provider customers, where we’ve historically provided the most comprehensive market intelligence based on 100% of Medicare Part A and B claims. With our new data investment, we now have access to one of the largest Medicare Advantage and Medicaid data sets available, and we’ll be enhancing our post-acute provider market intelligence as well.”

To continue to serve the HME and Infusion markets better, Trella has invested in the expansion of its dataset. This investment increases the number of patient lives covered to 255M+ annually, increases claims volume by 2x, and ultimately creates a more complete patient journey map to provide a more comprehensive view into the market.

New enhancements will include:

  • 255M+ total patient lives with 125M+ payer complete lives
  • 2x increase in total medical claims volume
  • Adding payer-sourced claims from 150+ payers with an additional 350 payers represented in clearinghouse-sourced claims
  • RX claims sourced from PBMs (available as an upgrade in 2024)
  • And much more

Trella already has the most robust database servicing the PAC provider and HME and Infusion markets, including access to 100% Medicare Part A and B Fee-for-Service data, along with access to Medicare Advantage, Commercial, Medicaid and drug claims. This data is sourced through clearinghouses, payers, and directly from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services through the Virtual Research Data Center Program. Trella is one of only a few companies deemed both a Qualified Entity by CMS and an Innovator under its VRDC program.

“A powerful data set fuels our product portfolio, allowing our customers unmatched market visibility and the insights they need to achieve their business goals.” Scott Tapp, Chief Executive Officer at Trella Health, stated. “We maintain an ongoing commitment to investing in our database, consistently seeking opportunities for improvement to benefit our customers. We are excited to incorporate this enhanced data into our systems for HME and Infusion customers by the end of 2023, with future plans to leverage these valuable data enhancements across our PAC provider platforms.”

With a focus on supporting customer growth in an ever-changing payment landscape, Trella continuously evaluates the most impactful expansions to its data offerings.

About Trella Health

Trella Health’s unmatched market intelligence and purpose-built CRM allow post-acute providers and HME and Infusion organizations to drive more effective performance and growth. Trella’s solutions allow post-acute, HME, and infusion organizations to identify the highest-potential referral targets, evaluate new market opportunities, and monitor performance metrics. Paired with CRM and EHR integrations, business development teams can better manage referral relationships to advance their organizations with certainty by improving their sales and marketing strategy.

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Lauren Corcoran, Marketing Content Writer

As a marketer and creative writer, Lauren is thrilled to create Trella Health’s marketing content. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Lauren worked as a content specialist for a cybersecurity firm, video production company, and has experience in sales. With the ongoing pandemic, she decided to take a leap and work in post-acute care at KanTime Healthcare, an EHR. At Trella Health, she’s able to do the two things she loves most: marketing and writing, while making an impact in the post-acute care industry.