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Trella Health Releases Marketscape Mobile, Designed for Post-Acute Sales Teams to Increase Their Accessibility to Data Insights for Conversations with Referral Partners

By Ashton Harrison | September 9, 2021

The launch of the first Marketscape Mobile application will provide Trella customers enhanced usage of the Marketscape platform when they are out in the field visiting referral partners.  


Trella Health recently announced the beta release of their Marketscape Mobile application, now available to all Trella customers. Trella recognized their customers’ need for a mobile solution while on the go and the demand for quick access to comprehensive post-acute care analytics and insights. Marketscape Mobile was designed specifically for post-acute sales representatives who need quick access to clear and concise data insights, as well as talking points to communicate metrics about their organization to their referral partners.  


Andy Powell, VP of Customer Success for Trella Health, stated, “Our product team worked diligently with our customers to deliver a mobile application that will serve as a sales rep’s best friend while working in the field. Marketscape Mobile tells them exactly what they need to know to convey to referral partners why they are the best organization to partner with. I’m excited to see the impact Mobile will make in the market as our customers continue to share their superior outcomes with referral sources.” 


Trellas’ newly released mobile application features a user-friendly interface with the key features of their Marketscape solution, such as the ability to access referral partner targets and a sales script, also known as Conversation Starters, for communicating with those providers. Trella customers can view the top metrics of their agency and further articulate the data-driven differentiators of their metrics compared to their competitors.  

“The benefit of Marketscape Mobile is the ability to receive useful information while out in the field, where I don’t have access to my computer. I can pull up Marketscape Mobile whenever I am in the hospital or medical buildings and identify offices that we are not currently associated with, and quickly see if they are using home health. It is also a very easy platform to email conversation starters to my area managers while discussing targeting strategies for identified physicians.” 

Justin Phelps
PT, DPT Regional Program Director for Encompass Health

The Marketscape Mobile application is available for download in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  


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Trella Health is the leading provider of actionable insights for healthcare networks, ACOs, and the post-acute care market. We believe that to achieve smarter growth in today’s value-based care economy, who you choose to work with is everything—whether it is your referral sources or your network partners. As one of only a few companies in the country deemed an Innovator under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Virtual Research Data Center Program, Trella has access to 100% of Medicare Part A and Part B claims and Medicare Advantage data. Combined with our more recent Medicare and Commercial claims, Trella’s data sets cover 90% of the 65+ population in the U.S. We analyze and standardize billions of data points from across the continuum of care, and provide the insights our customers need to identify, engage, and manage the best partnerships for their business. 


About the Author:

Ashton Harrison, Marketing Engagement Manager

With a diverse background of sales and healthcare marketing, Ashton manages Trella’s events, press releases, and media and association relations. After graduating from Florida State University with a major in communications, she began her career at Greenway Health, a EHR company, where she found her passion for the healthcare industry. At Trella Health, she’s able to do all the things she loves about marketing — engaging at events, interactions with partners, and creating marketing pieces that share insight on Trella’s journey.