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Trella Health Announces Release of Integrated Market Intelligence and CRM Platform for Post-Acute Care Customers

By Ashton Harrison | September 7, 2022

Trella’s newly integrated Marketscape platform fuses its comprehensive market intelligence and CRM solutions, creating an end-to-end growth platform for post-acute providers.

ATLANTASept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trella Health, the leader in post-acute growth solutions, announces the release of its integrated Marketscape platform. With the integration, Trella customers will gain a unified user experience that brings together strategy, planning, sales execution, and performance measuring and monitoring. The new platform provides a single sign-on and direct navigation between solutions for harmonious functionality and time savings.

“Since acquiring our CRM capabilities earlier this year, our team has been heads down focused on delivering on our customer’s number one request: bring your cutting-edge market insights and mobile-first CRM together in one solution,” stated Scott Tapp, CEO of Trella Health. “I am thrilled to see the team delivering on that promise. With the release of our intelligent Marketscape platform, customers can design their strategic growth plans and accelerate their sales performance through improved productivity.”

The Trella team worked closely with a select group of customers to better understand their workflows, challenges, and specific needs for the Marketscape platform. The platform was designed based on their feedback to create a solution purpose-built for post-acute organizations. The Marketscape platform will enable Trella customers to achieve their unique business goals by connecting sales strategy work to execution, and providing visibility from sales reps to leadership on what activities achieve the best results.

“As a long-term customer of Trella and user of both the Marketscape Insights and CRM solution, the integration of these two solutions is a game changer for us,” said Jamie Pedder, Director of Community Relationships for Alive Hospice. “The ability to view market insights within the CRM will allow more efficient planning, strategy, and execution for our team.”

Trella Health’s CRM integrates with more than 30 leading Electronic Health Records (EHRs), allowing sales and marketing teams to become clinically connected through referral stage monitoring. With the additional integration of market insights into the CRM, users can better prepare for referral partner conversations to build more trusting relationships.

Trella Health will continue its innovation of the Marketscape platform with upcoming releases that include a complete CRM user interface (UI) update and marketing automation capabilities.

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Trella Health’s unmatched market intelligence and purpose-built CRM allow post-acute organizations to drive more effective performance and growth. With market visibility, post-acute organizations can identify the highest-potential referral targets, identify new markets, and monitor performance metrics. Paired with CRM and EHR integrations, business development teams can better manage referral relationships to advance their organizations with certainty. Learn more here

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Ashton Harrison, Marketing Engagement Manager

With a diverse background of sales and healthcare marketing, Ashton manages Trella’s events, press releases, and media and association relations. After graduating from Florida State University with a major in communications, she began her career at Greenway Health, a EHR company, where she found her passion for the healthcare industry. At Trella Health, she’s able to do all the things she loves about marketing — engaging at events, interactions with partners, and creating marketing pieces that share insight on Trella’s journey.