Senator Bill Frist Sits Down with Trella Health’s CEO Scott Tapp to Discuss Post-Acute Landscape

By Lauren Corcoran | September 6, 2022

Recently, our CEO, Scott Tapp, had the opportunity to sit down with Senator Bill Frist, M.D. on his podcast A Second Opinion to discuss the landscape of the post-acute space and what Trella Health is doing to help organizations achieve growth and success.

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Here, we will recap the main takeaways from the podcast including:

  • The road to CEO at Trella Health
  • Trella Health’s growth
  • Advice: Be a good listener

The road to CEO at Trella Health

Senator Frist: Scott, you joined the company in 2020 as the President and COO, then became the CEO in September of 2021. Could you share with our listeners a little bit about your personal background, and the journey that led you to become the CEO at Trella Health?

Scott Tapp: Absolutely. I started out in the U.S. Navy as an aviation electronics technician working on a flight deck. (You could say I love the new Top Gun movie). After the Navy, I completed school and officially started my

Scott Tapp, CEO, Trella Health

Scott Tapp, CEO, Trella Health

career in investment banking. I worked on financial modeling as well as mergers and acquisitions. Next, I began working for a venture capitalist firm and investing in companies. During my time, I watched entrepreneurs build their companies from the ground up and it sparked my interest in growing companies to be the best they could be.

To date, I’ve helped four companies, three of them being SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. I thoroughly enjoy leading go-to-market growth, building teams, and helping companies implement best practices for growing their business.

Trella Health’s growth

Senator Frist: Since you joined the leadership team, Trella has launched multiple innovative new offerings, added more than 250 new healthcare customers, doubled its Annual Recurring Revenue, and increased the Trella team by 40%.  How did you achieve this growth – and what is the vision behind it?  

Scott Tapp: Trella Health was already striving, growing, and had an amazing team in place that we were able to take to the next level. I was brought in to scale the organization. We hired a CFO and Head of People Operations, as well as aligned the executive team. Additionally, we increased communication and focused on being customer-centric. We really listened to our customers when it came to evaluating future innovations, and by doing so, we created a customer advisory board to incorporate their requests and suggestions for our solutions.

Trella pays close attention to market changes and challenges that are occurring in the industry. When I joined in 2020, we aimed to listen intently to our customers, and we were able to grow the business amid the pandemic.

Senator Frist: You recently acquired your industry competitor, PlayMaker. Why did you see this as a smart strategic move?  How has the acquisition allowed Trella to better serve its customers?

Scott Tapp: We saw this as a strategic move because of how often our customers expressed to us their need for a customer relationship management (CRM). Trella Health had better data and Playmaker offered the CRM tool for sales productivity. Despite our data being an essential tool to customers, they also needed a CRM to make the data accessible and actionable for their sales team.

Our acquisition was the perfect combination to bring Trella Health’s robust, actionable market intelligence and acclaimed customer experience capabilities with PlayMaker’s mobile-first CRM. We can now offer our customers the industry’s first intelligent CRM while truly supporting agencies’ needs and growth no matter where they are on their journey.

Advice: Be a good listener

Senator Frist: What is a piece of advice have you received that you could share with us?

Scott Tapp: I’ve had a lot of advice given to me throughout the years, but one that stuck with me is, “I’ve never learned anything from talking.” It’s all about being a good listener and I’ve really taken that to heart. I try my best to be curious and a listener. It’s not an easy practice but, especially as a CEO, you want to ensure people understand and feel heard. Frankly, you must be a student of learning to sit back and listen. From my experiences, you don’t learn anything from talking. People can nod their heads and say the right things, but you’re not learning much when you’re filling that space.

Senator Frist: Are you reading anything interesting right now?  

Scott Tapp: Here at Trella, we actually do a lot of reading together believe it or not. We have an executive team book club as well as a broader company one. I’m reading two books: one is actually a combination of about 88 business books called Scaling Up. It’s a book about fundamental operating practices to help you grow your business whether you’re a $5 million or $50 million company.

The second book I just finished is Great by Choice by Morton Hansen and Jim Collins about collaboration. It’s about how collaboration fuels growth in some of the most successful companies out there. I would highly recommend it.

If you would like to listen to the full podcast click here.


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About the Author:

Lauren Corcoran, Marketing Content Writer

As a marketer and creative writer, Lauren is thrilled to create Trella Health’s marketing content. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Lauren worked as a content specialist for a cybersecurity firm, video production company, and has experience in sales. With the ongoing pandemic, she decided to take a leap and work in post-acute care at KanTime Healthcare, an EHR. At Trella Health, she’s able to do the two things she loves most: marketing and writing, while making an impact in the post-acute care industry.