The Importance of High-Quality Market Data to Effectively Connect with the “Right” Referrals

By Lauren Corcoran | August 31, 2022

In the post-acute sales and marketing landscape of referral sources and B2B relationships, high-quality data metrics are proving to be a game-changer. Metrics allow reps to get their foot in the door with stronger prospective referral sources.

Coffee and donuts aren’t enough anymore. To stay on top-of-mind and make meaningful connections, sales leaders are looking for an edge.

Coffee & Donuts Don’t Equal an Instant Referral

Some sales reps’ strategies may entail driving around their territories with catered food, only to find out the referrals they connected with are not the best fit or they have no differentiating statements to make about why their agency should get the referral. This “lack of strategy” not only wastes the physicians’ time, but your sales reps’ as well.

Top agencies are proving that a data-driven conversation is the best strategy to build strong relationships with referral sources.

Data and analytics truly are the backbone of many conversations that we have daily, from executive-level leadership to field sales reps.” – Alex Asaro, VP of Market Strategy and Partnerships for Mission Healthcare

Utilize High-Quality Market Data to Illustrate Your Value Proposition

With the right information – and a little preparation – sales reps have the capability to delve deeper into their assigned territory, and not only show up with coffee and donuts, but utilize high-quality data during presentations.

Below is a high-level overview of three tools reps are using to win in their territory:

A physician-specific talk track with data

To stand out in today’s competitive post-acute referral market, a canned pitch won’t cut it – your competitors are looking for ways to customize their talk track with every appointment. Sales Spotlight Talk Tracks for Email; High Quality Market Data for the Right Referrals

Are your reps walking into a referral appointment armed with the right data to capture the referrals’ attention?  Are they equipped to speak about the physicians’ patient population and the quality of care their patients are receiving from current post-acute care options?

Here are some data-driven metrics that reps are using to show their agency’s competitive advantage:

Top physician metrics:

  • Payer mix and volume
  • Readmission rate
  • Hospitalization rare
  • Average length of stay (ALOS)

Top referral destinations:

  • Number of patients referred by this physician in the most recent 1-year period
  • Physician affiliation percentage by top destination

Your key metrics vs. Benchmarks:

  • Average RN visits last 3 & 7 Days
  • Count of all visits last 3 & 7 days
  • Hospitalization rate within 30 days of discharge

Access to this data is crucial for your reps to craft the most effective pitch for a physician.

Using data management to track opportunities and success

Large territories can overwhelm reps, especially if they are unsure where to start with the right referrals.

Sales managers need to be able to evaluate each territory so they can assign and prioritize the highest quality referrals for their team to target.

A robust and configurable customer relationship management (CRM) solution can help managers:

  • Gain a holistic view of its business opportunities
  • Make informed decisions about targeting
  • Stay on top of reps to ensure activity with top referral sources.

Staying top-of-mind with your target physicians is key to ensuring a lasting and fruitful relationship. And leveraging an intelligent CRM with integrated market data will give sales reps the ability to strategize and plan their presentation with quality metrics while staying organized inside their territory.

Access to the data and CRM on-the-go

With high inflation and gas prices, budget-conscious managers do not want reps to spend time driving all over their territory, without access to their contacts, notes, and market data.Market CRM Mobile Screenshot - High Quality Market Data for the Right Referrals

While on the on-the-go, reps need access to high-quality data – in-hand – to support their efforts.

Here is what a mobile CRM can provide:

  • Before the meeting – easy access to their prior meeting notes so they can continue to add to the ongoing conversation without skipping a beat.
  • During the meeting – ready-to-go metrics to further support their talk track, including competitive intelligence.
  • After each meeting – The ability to log meeting notes and scheduling any follow-up meetings or events.

Besides helping the rep save time, resources, and gas, a mobile-first CRM reassures them they are headed in the right direction with the right referral sources and information.

Ready to show up with more than donuts and coffee?

Alex Asaro, VP of Market Strategy and Partnerships for Mission Healthcare shared: “Trella helps set Mission apart from representatives out in the community who are leading with the donuts and the coffee.”

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About the Author:

Lauren Corcoran, Marketing Content Writer

As a marketer and creative writer, Lauren is thrilled to create Trella Health’s marketing content. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Lauren worked as a content specialist for a cybersecurity firm, video production company, and has experience in sales. With the ongoing pandemic, she decided to take a leap and work in post-acute care at KanTime Healthcare, an EHR. At Trella Health, she’s able to do the two things she loves most: marketing and writing, while making an impact in the post-acute care industry.