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Mission Healthcare: Make Confident Business Decisions with Trella on Your Side

Closing the gap with a complete integrated platform built for post-acute

By Ellen Knowles | March 9, 2023

Mission Healthcare is a leading healthcare provider in the home with a team of skilled clinicians delivering high-quality, patient-focused care where it matters most. Their home health, hospice, and palliative care services give patients easier access to the specialized care they deserve, operating in 7 states on the west coast and headquartered in San Diego California.


Mission became a Trella Health customer in 2017 utilizing Marketscape Insights for market intelligence and has since expanded its Trella tool set to the complete integrated Marketscape platform to include Insights, Strategy, and CRM with EHR integration capabilities.


The Trella team interviewed Damien Weston, Chief Growth Officer at Mission Healthcare to learn about his experience using Trella and the impact it’s made in his position and to their business.


Tell me about Mission Healthcare and your role.
“I joined Mission about two years ago as Chief Growth Officer and was already an experienced user of Marketscape (insights) from previous companies. Once I saw the power of the data, and more importantly, the transparency that it brings to the industry, it forces everyone to really step up their game from a clinical outcome and customer service standpoint.


In my position, I don’t make too many business decisions without utilizing the Trella platform on a daily basis. So, that’s one of the things that I appreciate most about the work Trella is doing,” said Weston.


What’s your journey been like as a long-term Trella user?
“At one of my past companies, I was an early adopter of the tool and in fact when we launched the tool, my region was one of the best performing regions because of the way we embraced it. When introducing the tool in a fun way and putting challenges out there from reps to sales leaders we had a positive adoption early on.


I’ve also helped bring Trella into other organizations because I knew the value it delivered. When I joined Mission, I was happy Marketscape Insights was already in place, and since then we just layered on other Trella products which are CRM and Strategy (formerly Mosaic),” Weston continued.


How is your sales organization structured?
“We have a traditional sales structure with a mix of blended reps and others focused on specific business lines such as Home Health and Hospice, depending on the region. We have sales leaders, area managers, and then field associates. I would say each one of them uses Trella daily, especially now with CRM being implemented.”


What impact has Trella made on your business?
“What Trella gives us on a daily basis is insights not only into where we are currently hunting but where we should be hunting. It gives me insights into my referral conversions, my length-of-stay by customer, and of course, it allows me to compare it against prior date ranges. We’re able to be a strong partner to our customers rather than just a vendor. I am able to dig into the data and then organize my business by it.”


Do you have a favorite feature?
“I have two features I go to the most and that is drilling down on “return to acute” and then the reports functionality. Trella has done such a nice job at blowing past what I ever expected out of the tool. You’ve almost taken the thinking out of it!”


What is your advice to someone considering Trella?
“I would be really surprised if there’s a business out there today, at least in our industry, that is trying to develop a strategy that doesn’t use Trella. To me I would find that a huge miss trying to run a company from a growth perspective without it,” Weston concluded.


Trella is thrilled to have Mission Healthcare as a trusted and valued partner who supports our mission towards smarter growth and healthier outcomes. To learn more, visit their website here.

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About the Author:

Ellen Knowles, Product Marketing Manager

As a results-driven marketing enthusiast with a focus on Healthcare IT and SaaS-based business, Ellen helps achieve strategic goals for market growth, product adoption, and customer success as a Product Marketing Manager at Trella Health. Ellen spent time at Georgia Military College before moving to Atlanta to start her career in sales, but quickly found her passion in marketing and dedicated the last four+ years to growing health IT brands and business in the hospital and ambulatory. At Trella Health, she's able to continue her passion for innovation and meaningful results.