How Post-Acute Providers Can Successfully Partner with ACOs

By Ashton Harrison | February 24, 2021

Post-acute providers are clamoring to find their fit in the world of ACOs and value-based care.

Hundreds of forward-thinking post-acute teams joined our recent webinar “Insights into Value-Based Care & How to Partner with ACOs” to learn more about ACO partnering strategies. Lead by Trella Health’s VP of Product Management, Rebecca Molesworth, the live discussion helped post-acute leaders from over 200 providers learn more about how they can assess and engage with accountable care organizations (ACOs).

Molesworth said that these post-acute leaders are determined to learn more about engaging and building a rapport with ACOs to boost referrals and census. Many identified objectives of learning how to identify ACOs in their markets, how ACOs address post-acute care, and how to position themselves as preferred providers.

ACO Strategies for Post-Acute Providers

Molesworth was joined by one of Trella’s key product managers, Sam Tulli, to answer top questions for post-acute providers to consider regarding ACOs. Below are key takeaways and strategies for understanding and establishing ACO partnerships:

What is the current mission of ACOs, and how will value-based care organizations and payment models evolve?

The shift away from fee-for-service to value-based care will continue to accelerate and define care models for all types of providers. As a PAC organization, you need to start adapting your models to ease the transition and establish your organization as a trusted, preferred partner.

What are ACO leaders’ priorities, and what metrics will they use to measure success as they grow their focus on post-acute care?

ACOs are increasingly focused on building partnerships with post-acute care organizations. Specifically, they are interested in ensuring they control total costs of care, manage provider performance, and build quality preferred provider networks. Make sure to understand how your organization performs in these areas compared to others in your market.

How can post-acute providers increase referrals and build census by demonstrating their value to ACO partners?

As mentioned above, ACOs have well-defined data metrics they use to assess the value and contribution of post-acute providers in keeping costs low and performance high. Use these performance metrics as a roadmap for forging strong ACO partnerships – both from a marketing, messaging and targeting standpoint, as well as an organizational and operational front. You must ask the tough questions to inform your partnership strategies. How do you plan to compete and keep from getting “shut out” of preferred networks? Are you prepared to provide additional services to manage patients across the continuum of care? How will you scale your partnerships with as many networks and ACOs as possible?

Smart Feedback and Questions from Providers

The interactive webinar also solicited live perspectives about ACO engagement and challenges from the participants. One poll question asked, “What challenges have you encountered in attempting to partner with ACOs?” Many respondents indicated that they seek a better understanding of what makes them attractive to ACOs seeking post-acute partners. Others wanted to know how best to position themselves with competing providers already partnering with ACOs and value-based care networks.

The webinar closed with an active question and answer session—we had more questions than we had time to cover in the broadcast. Among many informed questions, participants wanted to know:

  • Should we consider partnering with multiple ACOs?
    Our answer: Yes, if they fit the metrics for your ACO strategies.
  • How can we compete with hospital-owned providers in a value-based network?
    Our answer: Make the case with data to show that you can provide additional, specialized performance and value.
  • How do we get a full view of ACOs operating in our market?
    Our answer: Data. The correct, comprehensive data provides a complete view and understanding of your area ACOs, their providers, participants, and performance. Hint: The Marketscape Strategy solution from Trella Health is designed to provide precisely this complete view.

Feeling the Urgency to Act

Many post-acute providers are ready to act now.

“There are a lot of post-acute leaders ready today to find out how they can best ‘assess and impress’ the ACOs and value-based care networks to partner with for improved patient outcomes and more

referrals,” said Molesworth, following the live event.

The first step in establishing productive partnerships and competitive advantage with ACOs is gaining access to the data and metrics that are most important to value-based care organizations. Contact Trella Health today to schedule your close-up look at the Marketscape Strategy data solution that gives your organization the competitive upper hand in establishing smart ACO partnerships.



About the Author:

Ashton Harrison, Marketing Engagement Manager

With a diverse background of sales and healthcare marketing, Ashton manages Trella’s events, press releases, and media and association relations. After graduating from Florida State University with a major in communications, she began her career at Greenway Health, a EHR company, where she found her passion for the healthcare industry. At Trella Health, she’s able to do all the things she loves about marketing — engaging at events, interactions with partners, and creating marketing pieces that share insight on Trella’s journey.