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Providence Care: How Trella Gets Me 10 Steps Ahead in My Sales Cycle

Shorten your sales cycle and feel more confident with Trella’s data on your side.

By Steve Ehrlinspiel | September 5, 2023

Providence Care is committed to the exceptional delivery of compassionate, patient-focused care. With qualified experience in hospice and eldercare, Providence Care provides a variety of innovative services with personalized programs to meet the needs of every patient.

Headquartered in South Carolina, Providence Care services multiple counties across the state and became a Trella customer in 2021 utilizing the Marketscape Insights solution. The Trella team interviewed Scott Garrison, Care Navigator at Providence Care.

Tell us about Providence Care and your role there.

“Providence provides services across the continuum of care with a focus on the patients care journey. We have a team of Care Navigators in different territories across SC. I spend time out in the field meeting with physicians and facilities and really concentrate on building strong relationships with the help of Trella,” said Garrison.

How do you leverage the Trella solution?

“I am a Trella ‘nerd’. The data that can be extrapolated from Trella is invaluable to me. It gives me hard evidence when speaking with a provider and allows me to add value to any encounter. I feel it gives me a competitive edge over my competitors.”

Do you have any favorite features?

“The two ways I use it the most is to identify my targets and what I’m going to talk to them about. I can individualize my approach and narrow down my target accounts through filters such as affiliation percentage and number of mortalities,” Garrison continued.

“I leverage Sales Spotlight metrics for different talking points. It helps guide the conversation with providers and I can always share a different piece of valuable information with each interaction.”

What would the impact be on your business if you didn’t have Trella?

“Without it, you’re in the dark. You would go visit providers without knowing the patient make-up of the practice and ask the same questions they get all the time. With Trella – you are 10 steps ahead in your discovery phase, you sound more intelligent and are more in sync. It also shortens my sales cycle.

Providers are tight on time, so it prevents you from going places that wouldn’t be a great fit as partners,” Garrison concluded.

Trella is thrilled to have Providence Care as a trusted and valued partner who supports our mission towards smarter growth and healthier outcomes. To learn more, visit their website here.

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