ACO Priority Benchmark Report

By Shelly Wing | August 20, 2021

ACO Leaders Share Their Priorities, Including Their Views on Post-Acute Care

Today, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) across the country are under pressure to perform. The recent changes the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) have made to the Alternative Payment Model
(APM) program have left organizations to reassess their priorities and plans as they seek to balance long-term needs with network expectations. As ACOs face that pressure to increase positive patient outcomes while
controlling costs, post-acute care is an often-overlooked piece of the puzzle.


The team at Trella Health recently interviewed and surveyed key players at a wide mix of ACOs to uncover the tactics and tools that are contributing to their success. Nearly 50 ACO leaders from across the country participated to help create the “ACO Priority Benchmark Report.”


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  • Self-identified key performance drivers
  • Details on how ACO leaders approach building, managing, and optimizing their networks
  • The tools and data these leaders consider critical to maintaining a top-performing network

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