Medalogix Discusses How Trella Health’s Data Helps Its Customers Show Their Value and Benchmark Against the Competition

By Ellen Knowles | April 5, 2023

Tom Maxwell, Non-Executive Chairman at Medalogix, discusses how Trella Health’s market data and insights have helped his customers show their value and benchmark against the competition 

“Medalogix uses Trella data in our products to do benchmark comparisons around visits in the last seven days of life and to look at who are the physicians referring to the home health and hospice community.” 

“We can go in and tell the physician, ‘Why do you continue to refer your patients to a hospice who’s not going to care as much for them when you can send them to us and we’re going to do double the number of visits that care’”? 

Without the data, you’d just be blindly throwing a dart.” 

Tom Maxwell, Non-Executive Chairman, Medalogix

This level of market and referral visibility is a game-changer


About the Author:

Ellen Knowles, Product Marketing Manager

As a results-driven marketing enthusiast with a focus on Healthcare IT and SaaS-based business, Ellen helps achieve strategic goals for market growth, product adoption, and customer success as a Product Marketing Manager at Trella Health. Ellen spent time at Georgia Military College before moving to Atlanta to start her career in sales, but quickly found her passion in marketing and dedicated the last four+ years to growing health IT brands and business in the hospital and ambulatory. At Trella Health, she's able to continue her passion for innovation and meaningful results.