CRM Best Practices: 10 Keys to Success, Tips and More

By Jess Chew | March 29, 2023

Looking to get more out of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform or interested in learning how a CRM fits into your overall growth strategy? 
Join Trella Health’s post-acute growth experts as we explore best practices for executing a successful CRM strategy and learn how leading PAC providers leverage a CRM to drive consistent and intentional growth for their organization.
During this on-demand webinar, we cover the following topics:
  • The role a CRM plays as part of your overall growth strategy
  • Debunking common myths, such as a CRM is “big brother”
  • 10 best practices for maximizing the value of a CRM
  • Real-world examples showcasing the impact of a CRM on your bottom line
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to improve your customer relationships and drive growth through a CRM platform by utilizing the best practices.
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About the Author:

Jess Chew, Vice President, Marketing

With more than 10 years’ experience in healthcare marketing, Jessica not only leads our marketing team but is also a passionate advocate and frequent user of our marketing intelligence solutions. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s in journalism, Jessica got her start in marketing at Gannett, the largest newspaper publisher in America. She thought this entry-level job was the first step on the road to a career as an investigative reporter — but immediately became hooked on marketing. At Trella Health, she’s able to do all the things she loved about journalism — digging for information and insights, helping people share their stories — and she’s also able to make a meaningful difference in the way post-acute care is provided.