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Achieving Sustainable Hospice Growth: Introducing the Referral Growth Methodology

By Steve Ehrlinspiel | November 13, 2023

In the highly competitive hospice landscape, achieving consistent and intentional growth requires a standardized, repeatable approach.

Join Trella Health’s strategic consulting experts on-demand as we break down the Referral Growth Methodology – a refined, data-driven framework to ensure your sales and marketing efforts support the goals of the organization and drive revenue growth.

Through this webinar, participants will …

  • Get an overview of the Referral Growth Methodology and its core components
  • Discover 10 actionable growth activities that can be immediately applied to your organization’s growth efforts
  • Learn how to coach sales reps to have data-driven conversations that result in improved productivity
  • Uncover key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics that agencies can track to measure the effectiveness of their growth strategies

This webinar will equip your organization with a robust framework for sustained growth.

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