Operational Strategies for Growth in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, has your post-acute agency started planning how you will meet your sales goals in the new year? Lay the groundwork for successful growth in 2021 by setting goals, defining success, and tracking metrics.

In this on-demand webinar from Trella Health, Operational Strategies for Growth in 2021, the panelists discuss ways business development leaders and teams can achieve success through improved planning. Speakers Tyler Rardin, Trella’s VP of Sales, Robbie Redlin, Chief Strategy Officer at Enquire, and Tom Maxwell, Co-CEO at Maxwell Healthcare Associates and Co-founder at Muse Healthcare, share their own perspectives and advice for post-acute agency leaders looking to grow their organizations in 2021.

Access the webinar recording, Operational Strategies for Growth in 2021 to learn how to:

  • Increase which acquisition or territory expansion strategies are ideal for your organization
  • Comprehensively evaluate the competitive landscape
  • Improve operational efficiencies with the right training and technology


If you have additional questions for our speakers, feel free to send them to info@trellahealth.com

Tom Maxwell

Tom Maxwell

Co-CEO at Maxwell Healthcare Associates

and Co-Founder at Muse Healthcare

Robbie Redlin

Robbie Redlin

Chief Strategy Officer


Tyler Rardin

Tyler Rardin

VP, Sales

Trella Health

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Shelly Wing

Shelly is a passionate B2B marketing and content strategist. She creates and executes demand generation programs to make it easier for potential customers to learn about Trella’s solutions. She studied English at the University of Georgia before entering the world of sales and marketing. With experience in multifamily, SaaS, and IoT companies, Shelly consistently creates content that engages buyers at the right time and in the right way. At Trella Health, she’s excited about helping make a meaningful impact in all areas of post-acute healthcare.