Best Practices for Personalization in Post-Acute Digital Marketing

By Carly Duncan | December 9, 2021

Digital marketing in the post-acute world isn’t new, but it also isn’t something that every sales or marketing rep is utilizing. If adding digital tactics to your marketing toolkit seems daunting, don’t worry! In a recent webinar with Salesloft, we discussed five crucial strategies for using personalization in digital marketing to optimize your outcomes. Check out the infographic below.  


(click the image to expand the infographic) 




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About the Author:

Carly Duncan, Digital Specialist

Carly is passionate about all things related to digital marketing. She handles Trella's website publication, social media management, digital asset creation, and more. Prior to her role as the Digital Specialist, Carly started at Trella as a marketing intern and then as a top-performing BDR. Carly graduated from Kennesaw State University where she found her passion for establishing personal relationships through the power of digital storytelling.