2022 Post-Acute Marketing Toolkit

The landscape of post-acute marketing has changed dramatically. From an increased focus on value-based care and risk-sharing approaches to specific challenges facing the post-acute industry, today’s referral partners are no longer relying on relationships to make decisions for their patients. In order to remain competitive and grow your post-acute organization in a strategic way, you need data-backed performance metrics and insights into referral trends. Use the following steps and resources to help outline your marketing strategy for 2022. Fill your marketing toolkit with new strategies and techniques to grow your organization in the most efficient and effective ways.

Step 1: Determining Your Strategic Approach

The post-acute care industry has faced a significant number of challenges in the wake of COVID-19. With those challenges came an unexpected shift in the way post-acute leaders plan to scale up their organizations. Staffing shortages and pandemic-related regulations mean that not every organization is looking to increase the quantity of referrals they receive. In fact, many organizations are saturated to the point of turning patients away. For these groups, optimizing your patient mix or expanding into new markets may be a better growth strategy.

The resources below will help you identify unconventional strategies you can use to target the right referral partners, depending on the goals your company has set.

Targeting Strategy Resources



Before you can begin to successfully target your referral partners with the right messaging, you need to understand who they are and what motivates them. Download this editable persona template to create guidelines and references for your sales and marketing teams to use when they’re reaching out to new referral partners. Easily identify the types of metrics and communication styles that make the most impact in your outreach.

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Find out how to target physicians in your market who aren’t leveraging post-acute care to the fullest. Make an immediate impact by showing them the value of partnering with your organization.

If physicians or facilities in your market are referring patients to post-acute care but don’t seem to have any affiliations, you have a chance to prove your value and increase your market share quickly and easily.
For physicians in your market already affiliated with one of your competitors, building a strong differentiation story can help. Bring metrics and insights that demonstrate your organization’s proven outcomes to every meeting.
If your staff is spending more time with patients outside of your ideal patient category, it may mean you need to target differently. Use diagnostic categories to identify physicians who align with your company’s goals to optimize your time.
If you notice a sudden increase in patients of a specific diagnostic category, you may already have the staff you need to treat them. Start targeting physicians outside of your normal diagnostic categories to open your referral pool.
With expansion into new diagnostic categories comes a unique opportunity to optimize your staff and build a new offering or program. Use market intelligence to identify where you need to invest your resources to compete in your market.

Step 2: Assessing the Market Landscape

Another critical part of adapting your post-acute care organization’s growth strategies to changing market conditions is understanding the state of your market today. From how COVID-19 impacted the industry to where PAC leaders are focused in the coming months, the resources below will help you identify trends to keep in mind as you plan your sales and marketing tactics. As yourself the critical questions to understand what you need to do. For example, how important with Medicare Advantage be in 2022? Or will partnering with ACOs or DCEs have specific advantages that you hadn’t considered? Start the new year off with a better understanding of where the industry is headed.

Market Assessment Resources

Given the obstacles facing the post-acute care industry, we knew that traditional growth strategies might not be enough to help make many PACs successful. To determine the focus areas for PAC leaders in 2022, we shared a survey with our industry audience. Find out the surprising results and see where specific lines of business are heading in 2022.
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Each new year brings circumstances that affect healthcare as a whole. In the 2020 edition of our annual report, we explore the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted – and continues to impact – our industry. Access this report to gain insights based on the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services data through Q2 2020.
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Step 3: Crafting Your Value Proposition Story

Now that you’re up to speed on the specific direction your market is heading, it’s time to pull together your value proposition story. The resources below will help you not only build a framework for how you want to position your PAC in the market, but also give you specific bullet points, conversation starters, and data-backed insights to help you prove the value of you and your team. Your goal is to become the go-to post-acute organization in your area, so you have to be confident in the story you’re telling.

Messaging Strategy Resources

Your team is busy – and so are their referral partners. You need to bring value to each and every interaction. Sales Spotlight from Trella Health provides actionable insights, framed as meaningful conversation starters, that your team can use to present more confidently and grow more efficiently.
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Before you can confidently present your specific offerings, you need to have a cohesive messaging strategy that traverses the entirety of your organization. From sales and marketing to administrators and owners, you need a strong sense of who your organization is, what you stand for, and the unique value you bring to the market.
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Step 4: Deploying Your Marketing Tactics

Along with the shifts in industry trends and needs, so too has marketing evolved. While it may not be time to move to a completely digital marketing outreach strategy, it is important to make digital tactics part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. Check out some of the resources below to kickstart your digital marketing journey or to refine the digital tactics you’re already using.

Digital Marketing Resources

Access this on-demand webinar to find out key metrics and best practices for incorporating personalization and individualization into your digital marketing tactics.
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When launching digital marketing tactics as part of your overall strategy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Check out this infographic to learn best practices for personalization in digital marketing.
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Need a hand getting your digital marketing outreach started? Download and customize these email templates to scale up your email marketing and reach your referral partners in a new way.
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It’s time to take a digital approach. If digital marketing is a new avenue for your sales team, check out this helpful blog for tips, tricks, and new tactics to try.

Next Steps:

Even if your budgets and plans are set for 2022, it’s important to keep your marketing toolkit stacked with new techniques and strategies you can adapt as the year goes on. New variants and COVID outbreak cases will continue to impact the healthcare industry and it’s crucial we stay agile enough to shift direction if needed.

Trella Health is the leader in market intelligence for the 65+ population, with extensive data sets including Medicare FFS, Medicare Advantage, commercial payers, ACOs, and DCEs. To uncover potential growth opportunities in your market and learn more about how data insights and analytics for key metrics can help you control costs, improve patient outcomes, and build a stronger referral network, schedule a demo today.

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