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4 Strategies for Creating a Competitive Advantage for Your Agency

By Trella Health | March 25, 2021

As a post-acute agency in a competitive market, it is critical to set your organization apart from the competition. To do so, you must establish key differentiators that set your agency apart from the rest. A successful post-acute agency begins with attention and investment in the comprehensive strategy, from tools and technology to staff training and retention.

On our webinar, 4 Strategies for Creating a Competitive Advantage for Your Agency, Trella’s VP of Marketing, Jess Chew, was joined by guest speakers Kristin Duell, Executive Vice President at KanTime Inc, and Joseph Brence, Head of Home & Community Care Strategy and Solutions at MedBridge. Our speakers shared their unique perspectives of innovative strategies and solutions for gaining a competitive edge based on years of experience working with top agencies.

Watch the webinar recording of 4 Strategies for Creating a Competitive Advantage for Your Agency today to learn about:

  • Market changes and challenges
  • The value of utilizing tools and technology
  • The impact of being data-driven
  • How the patient experience impacts your entire organization

If you have additional questions, feel free to send them to info@trellahealth.com and we will provide a response.


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