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Amedisys: Mergers and Acquisitions Success Through Data Insights

How data improves your business decisions and strategic growth

By Ellen Knowles | December 21, 2022

Amedisys is a leading provider of home health, hospice, and personal care services. Spanning over 500 locations nationwide, their team members provide quality care to more than 415,000 patients every year.


“My team oversees all the mergers, acquisitions, and start-ups. We also handle the integration of the newly acquired groups into our organization.” said Kris Novak, Senior Vice President of Mergers, Acquisitions, and Integrations at Amedisys.

Amedisys find success with data insights

Amedisys’s experience as a Trella customer

Amedisys became a Trella customer roughly four years ago. They use Trella’s market insights for their sales team as well as for their mergers and acquisitions department to assist with their capital allocation and identification of the best organizations they should consider acquiring.


What problems has Trella helped you solve?

“As a Trella customer, I think the most impactful thing for our department specifically has been the ability to be able to say ‘we have this specific project that we’re looking at, how can we use the information we have available to us through Trella to make pinpointed, accurate decisions?’ whether that’s broadly thinking about which areas might be most important to us for a project or finding an acquisition target that fits the criteria that we’re looking for,” said Novak.


Novak also shared that Trella’s Marketscape solution has allowed them to solve problems that they dealt with historically from a lack of data on their market. They use Trella’s ranking system from part B data to gain a bigger picture of hospice care and bridge any gaps with home health.


“Trella’s customer service makes a big difference for us, always being willing to tackle specific issues or data elements that we need and provide us with guidance on ways to use their Marketscape solution.”


“Pulling a full ranking system of organizations in the market allows us to spend our time more consciously in the areas that we feel will drive the biggest success stories for us,” said Novak.


Amedysis - Mergers and Acquisitions Success Through Data InsightsWhat success have you seen through using the tool?

Novak shared that his team evaluates capital allocation every year to determine where the most attractive markets are for Amedisys to enter. The team has completed a number of transactions over the last several years that were sourced in-house based on market research and their ability to prospect proactively.


They use Trella’s data to find the providers that best align with Amedisys from a culture perspective, versus simply acquiring the companies that want to sell, but may not be the best fit for the business.


What is your advice to someone considering partnering with Trella?

Novak shared that with Trella, it’s not just about the data. The Trella team will help you think through your problem or opportunities. This can help with the clinical side of the business, sales and marketing, and for Amedisys specifically, the integration and M&A perspective. The team can feel confident that they are spending their time in a wise manner with market data.


“If I could describe Trella Health in one word, I would say insightful. My recommendation to anyone out there is that you must have a partner that wants to help you think through the issues,” concluded Novak.


About the Author:

Ellen Knowles, Product Marketing Manager

As a results-driven marketing enthusiast with a focus on Healthcare IT and SaaS-based business, Ellen helps achieve strategic goals for market growth, product adoption, and customer success as a Product Marketing Manager at Trella Health. Ellen spent time at Georgia Military College before moving to Atlanta to start her career in sales, but quickly found her passion in marketing and dedicated the last four+ years to growing health IT brands and business in the hospital and ambulatory. At Trella Health, she's able to continue her passion for innovation and meaningful results.