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Using Data Analytics to Increase Referrals and Improve Clinical Outcomes

Trella and Homecare Homebase (HCHB) sat down with joint customer Kevin Gunter, Executive VP of Sales for Agape Care, to learn how he and his sales team combine HCHB products and Trella modules to increase market share, improve efficiency, and drive strategic decision-making.

In this white paper, we discuss how the data and solutions provided by Trella and HCHB offer full transparency into an agency’s market, internal operation’s and effectiveness compared to competitors.

Kevin Gunter states “Trella and HCHB allow us to focus our time on the highest potential referral sources. The Trella data allows us to identify the right targets on a daily basis. We can drill down and get the right message for the right targets. With HCHB, we identify who we need to be talking to and provide them with metrics that matter. Your whole sales force can’t help but get incrementally better.”

Download your copy of “Using Data Analytics to Increase Referrals and Improve Clinical Outcomes” to learn about:

  • HCHB’s Referral Source Link (RSL), which integrates with HCHB Analytics and Trella claims data and contains tools to help individual sales representatives track how they are doing compared to their individual goals and track their progress.
  • HCHB Analytics incorporates Trella’s data and gives insight into admission trends, conversion rates, call rates, and source of referrals and helps the sales development team narrow down and analyze areas with high potential for referrals.
  • Trella’s Marketscape solution and Plan My Visit feature work with HCHB Analytics to help sales representatives engage in data-driven conversations with referral sources.

Trella and HCHB-provided data analytics models enable agencies to streamline back-end operations, optimize staffing levels, and perform peer-to-peer comparisons with other agencies on readmission rates, diagnostic categories, acuity levels, total cost of care, and other quality metrics. Together, they create a full-service solution that helps HHAs and hospice providers succeed in a changing, challenging marketplace that runs on data.

It’s a collaboration that works for Agape Care; read the full white paper to see how it could work for your organization, too.

Data Analytics Case Study - HCHB and Trella Health

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